Park Ridge Painting Contractor

You can add a little pizzazz to your paint job with an array of faux finishes. The aesthetic appeal of a quality paint job cannot be underestimated. A number of residents and businesses in the Park Ridge area consult with Color Fashion Painting for all of their painting needs. No painting job is too big or too small for Color Fashion Painting, and we have the experience to provide an assortment of painting services such as interior and exterior painting as well as specialty painting jobs such as faux finishes. Just let Color Fashion Painting know what you need to make your paint job perfect for your home or business.

Color Fashion Painting specializes in providing a host of faux finishes to suit your d├ęcor. There are a variety of finishes that can be achieved with an assortment of techniques. Some of the most popular faux finishes include rag painting, color wash, graining, fresco, marbleizing, sponging and strie just to name a few. Many of these techniques involve the use of a particular medium along with paint to create patterns on a chosen surface. Some examples include the use of bunched up rags dipped in paint to create a pattern and sponges dipped in paint to create a texturized pattern. Many of these faux finishes can be applied to any surface of choice as long as the paint is able to adhere to the surface.

Faux finishes have become quite popular amongst those that are interested in adding color, texture and style to their walls. The use of glaze and plaster materials can create two distinct textures. For those that prefer faux finishes that have a flat, smooth appearance the use of glaze materials are preferred. For faux finishes that have depth, the use of plaster for the faux finish is best.

Color Fashion Painting has the expertise to provide you with the best in faux finishes in the Park Ridge area.